API Designer Collection Validation not Detecting New Param Definition when param is not required

After adding a new parameter (not required parameter) to a API Designer definition, performing validation on a collection does not detect the new change and shows as valid.

Add parameter to API definition

    - in: query
      name: include
        type: string
        example: quote
      required: false
      description: description redacted

Perform validation on collection and validation comes back success.

Expected that there would be validation changes detected to add parameter to collection even if parameter is marked as not required. Having the new parameter in the collection through this flow will allow documentation collections and other collections to have it available for developers who are looking at the spec and testing API calls using the collections.

I could see the parameter in the collection being unchecked so that it is not enabled since it is not required. Not having the collections updated through validation detection, means API designer user will have to go to each collection and add parameter manually and uncheck it so that the parameter is not sent.