Agile Testing Days US (May 22-24th)

Headed to Agile Testing Days US in Chicago? :bus:

Don’t miss this talk by Postman senior developer advocate, @iandouglas on using Postman to build and automate API contract testing to ensure confidence from several angles.

API Contract Testing ensures your API is built correctly, and Postman can help automate the process to save time. Streamline API Contract testing for both API Producers and Consumers using Postman’s built-in features, creating robust tests verifying expected API response behavior. Automate these tests with Postman Monitors, scheduling and running them regularly. Learn how to integrate tests into CI/CD pipelines for deployment, resulting in a better understanding of Postman’s API Contract testing and automation for faster, more reliable software delivery.

:wave:Stop by the Postman booth and say Hi!

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