Add number of schemas, tags and responses to the HTML report

Hello @meenakshi.dhanani
I added number of schemas, tags, and responses to the HTML report for better visualization of the elements present in the openapi.

You can check those changes over here.

Please leave your feedback🙏
Thank You

Great work!
Added comments on the PR in Postman. But essentially you might want to examine the use case for seeing total responses. Wouldn’t it make more sense to view the number of responses or maybe the response codes handled for a particular path? Each change should have a use case :slight_smile:

Do you mean categorize the response code?
Number of 200 response code = 2
Number of 201 response code = 1

I mean categorize by paths
GET /restaurants - 3 responses
POST /restautant - 1 response

The above could be more useful than saying total responses are 4 - from which it’s difficult to infer what needs to be done or what is done.

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Will do that!:slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @meenakshi.dhanani
I made the changes as suggested
Please take a look at this HTML report .
Updated PR

Hi @thefierycoder,
I’ll reply on the PR directly, let’s keep the conversation there.

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