Accessing object properties inside request body

I have few objects stored in collection variables. I’m currently not able to access properties of different objects in the request body directly. Is there a way in postman?

Example object:

Levels: {

“Entry”: 1,

“Core”: 2,

“Exit”: 3


I would like to access Levels.Entry in the request body. Currently, I’m doing this way - fetching the respective variable --> retrieve the property value --> storing the value in a local (or) collection variable and finally access it in the request body.

I feel this is a overhead. It would be nice to access the object’s property in the request body directly - {{Levels.Entry}} or ‘’{{Levels.Entry}}" ( based on the desired data type)

I don’t believe there is a way to do this natively.

When I’ve had to do something like this in the past, I usually use a pre-request script to pull the value out of the json object and set it to a local variable.