Access token error

Hi all, I’m very new to this website and the process involved, so please bare with me and the terminology/formatting of my post.

My goal is to use the Instagram API so I can access information on a profile page. I’ve got the authentication and access token all set up. I’m having trouble with the available commands.

I used this as a guideline for the postman commands:

I’m using the example request:
curl -i -X GET \ "{followers_count,media_count,media{comments_count,like_count}}&access_token={access-token}"

I"ve replaced the ‘username’, ‘access-token’, app_id (being 17841405309211844 in this example. I’ve also tried removing the curly brackets {} for the access-token and the fields but that’s not working. I’ve done previous examples without the curly brackets and it worked, but not sure about now.

my access token, app id and username is 100% correct.

From the example in the link I’ve provided, it mentions the response will be only output in Postman, is there a way to have the response into a CSV file?

Is it also possible to download the images from the IG profile?

EDIT: I forgot to ask why the facebook.developer forums have no responses to similar questions I have :frowning: nothing from posts made 2 years ago to now…

EDIT 2: I realised the syntax does not require the first set of curly brackets, but it does require the second brackets:
I haven’t got this working yet, so some of my question still applies, I was just updating the question I had for the syntax