A few issues during postman installation

I think there’s a couple of things that are not working as they should during postman installation.

  1. it installs silently without requiring any options (eg. /s /silent /q)
  2. It installs under AppData\Local\Postman without asking where it should install.
  3. after it installs it just runs itself, which is an issue for silent installations

Is there any way to fix any of the points above. It’s really causing issues with automated installations in corporate environments. I install many software silently, this is the first time I come across such behavior from a software.


It looks like the silent install isn’t quite supported yet

Just curious, if you want it to install silently, then is number 2 really a problem?

Thanks for your reply. If I want to install silently, number 1 is not a problem.
number 1 & 2 can be a combined problem. Since I don’t get any prompts I can’t select an installation folder, which is actually a more serious problem, because there are cases where I want to install on drive D:.

Number 3 is the most serious problem. Why would the program start after its installation? What’s the logic behind this? I know I installed it, I will start it at my convenience. No need for it to start automatically. This messes up the whole unattended installation for me.

Also, I use this command to install all my software.

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath $PSScriptRoot\software\Postman-win64-7.12.0-Setup.exe

Postman is the only software that ignores the -Wait option. And the weird part is that during its removal it does not ignore the -Wait option.

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath “${env:LocalAppData}\Postman\Update.exe” ‘–uninstall -s’

For someone automating software installations, this is very weird behavior of a program.

I can see the use case either way.

You can always just add this to your powershell script

Stop-Process -Name "Postman" -Force

That won’t work, for the same reason it ignores the -Wait option.
It does not wait for the postman installation to finish, and it tries to stop the process, so obviously it fails.

Here’s an example script with a few of the software including postman.


Even this is not working

$started = $false ; Do {If (!(Get-Process Postman -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {Start-Sleep -Seconds 1} Else { Stop-Process -Name “Postman” -Force ; $started = $true }} Until ( $started )