30 Days Of Postman - Submit for badge

Hi all. Could you please point me - should I resubmit for badge after I get notified that some mistakes found?
Of it is some other way of communication is present?

Hey @xt4k :wave:

If you have received a notification and solved the issues, you can resubmit again.

I did as you suggested.

Later, I get another decline, and as I see, my task, that pointed “as an issue” done properly according the guide.
May I discuss this question somehow - because I see no problem in that task - (for day 21).

Can you send the link to your Workspace please so I can take a closer look.


Here it is

This is workspace Id:

You don’t have anything in the Day 21 Collection - Were your changes saved ?


That’ because I followed guide -

point 4 say that I should save new websocket request to a new collection
(and honestly - websocket request is not possible to save into regular collection

That was my bad :cry:, It’s tricky to know to exact details of all the courses off the top of my head. :grimacing:

Requests for all non HTTP protocol cannot be currently saved into the same Collection.

After submitting, are you still seeing the same errors displayed in the email?

I have no answer yet.
Not comfotable that I cannot add ay comment in form for badge applying.

It still looks like you only have 1 Monitor in the Workspace - Was a monitor not created when you created the Webhook on day 29?

For Day 21 - Take a look at the name of the saved message and ensure that’s correct.

Actually, I deleted them after receiving notification that I had reached my free account limit…
Not a problem, I will add them (but check their work I can’t now). But till now, I got only messages about the Day 21 error.

The save message name in here:


Doesn’t match the name on the instructions:

Now is my time to agree with error.) Corrected.

Ensure the name is spelt correctly :smiley:

Successful JSON

Thanks Danny for your help.
Challenge completed with badge!

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