30 Days of Postman: Day 2 issue: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'query')

Hi everyone. I’m new to Postman and I’ve run into an issue when I submit my answers for Day 02. I get passed on 4 of the 5 sections, but I’m getting a TypeError on the last test. From what I can see, I have all the steps completed to pass the check on the “New request added” check point, but I never seem to get the green “Pass”. I added some screenshots hoping that someone can point out where my mistake is. Everything returns a status 200 and I can submit both the post and get separately and get no errors back. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

The test is checking if the request has the right name. As I see from your screenshot, your requests in the Day 02 folder don’t have the names required here:
I think that’s why the test is failing. So try to read the requirements for the “Add a request” again and make sure the names of the requests match. I hope this helps;)