30 Days Of Postman - Day 13 API 429 Error (Too Many Requests)


I am on day 13 of the 30 days challenge, I’ve tried to make a couple of calls to both endpoints on this weeks challenge (https://swapi.dev/api/planets and /species). I keep seeing a 429 Error, too many requests. Being returned.


Hey @ianb120,

It’s not just you - the Star Wars API is returning the same error code for me, even when I have only made a single request. This seems like a bug on their server - according to their rate limiting documentation, the site should allow 10,000 API requests per day, per IP address.

I have messaged the API developer to let them know, presumably they will either fix it or the problem will resolve itself when the timer elapses (it is counting down til approximately 23:00 UTC tonight)

Hi Neil,

thanks for the advice, think I will move on to another day challenge and come back to it after the time has elapsed.


@ianb120 The developer has confirmed that they have found & fixed the problem, you should be able to resume now!


thanks for confirming