15 days - challenge - tester- Day 15 - Submit for badge

Hello Community,

Need help with understanding day 15 challenge.

Question : Find the secret environment. Select it as the active environment, and Send this request for more instructions.

My doubt(s): 1. find the secret environment ? - unless we create we cant find right ?
So I created a environment named ‘secret’. Then created variable url with type as secret, but what to pass as current value ?

I am missing something, but what i am missing is my question.

please help

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Issue resolved. Had to fork secret environment :slight_smile:

where did you see it @harika6799 … I can not seem to find it


You fork it from the main workspace. The same place you forked the collections for each day.

Select Environments, and you should see it there.


Thank you @michaelderekjones i have seen it

@michaelderekjones I kept getting this 404 not found error message in almost all of the day’s challenge
“error”: {
“name”: “instanceNotFoundError”,
“message”: “We could not find the collection you are looking for”

is it a problem or the way the challenge just is?


It’s still working ok for me.

The error is telling you that the collection can’t be found.

Are you retrieving the collection ID correctly, and adding it to the URL as per the instructions? Can you show an example request that is failing?