What would make the Postman learning center more useful to you?

Hello everyone! Sue here, I started as Developer Educator at Postman a couple of months ago and am driving efforts to improve our documentation. :wave:

You’ll begin to see some changes here and there - we have a lot of docs (and a lot of features), so bear with us as we work through getting them up to date, as well as enhancing the learning experience in general. :sweat_smile:

For now and at any time in the future, I would love any feedback you have on the learning center and any areas you find challenging to learn in Postman itself. We have an incredible community of people with all sorts of perspectives and experiences - we want to ensure that the docs provide the support you need to make best use of Postman in your projects. :rocket:

Sidebar: If you find something difficult, other people will be struggling with it too, and it doesn’t mean you’re daft, it means we need to provide better learning supports - so tell us about it! :raised_hands:

Please comment in this thread with any thoughts you’d like to share! :mega:


One thing that needs to be communicated across documentation/examples in order to make a cultural change:

  • Writing to the environment in order to share something between requests in a collection is bad coding practice (the positive version is “use the most specific possible scope for your variables”)
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A sample pm.sendRequest() for each type of POST (JSON, formdata, etc)
and include a basic handling of the responses.


Thanks so much for these suggestions @morleym_cubic and @dave.seligson - this is really useful stuff I can hopefully action pretty quickly.

Re variable scope, I feel like there’s room to be a little more “opinionated” in the docs in general re recommended practices etc so will add a note to include something along these lines.

Re test examples, I am actually redrafting some of the script sections right now so will try and build more examples in there. More examples = pretty much always helpful…

Please keep the suggestions coming! :tada:

My pleasure. One other thought.
On the first page of documentation there should be a link to the “pm” object api guide.
On the resulting page, there should be a link in a leftnav for each pm object such as “environment”, “sendrequest”, “response”, etc. This would give me an easy consistent start point, and a “bookmark” spot for each command in which I’m interested.
(Specifically, this page: https://learning.getpostman.com/docs/postman/scripts/postman-sandbox-api-reference/
needs to be broken up into lots of #anchor tags. It’s great info, but needs a “table of contents” and individual links…and more samples :slight_smile:

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Thanks again for the suggestions @dave.seligson - yes the API reference info could def be more navigable, in general as we redraft pages we’re trying to add structures such as content tables linking to inline anchors through each page, although as you’ve suggested, we might need something a little more custom for this type of reference page… We’re also working on improvements to the site search to make code excerpts more discoverable. We’ll get there!

More information and examples of integrating Postman scripts with Nodejs, setting up and installing newman reporters and suggestions on environment configurations/options when using those.

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Thanks so much for the input @jilllancaster! I suspect some of these topics would be best suited to tutorial material rather than core docs but that is certainly something we’d love to expand too. :+1: