Want to get started with contributing to postman project

Hey Postman Community,
I’ve always wanted to postman projects on Github. How can i get started? can you please help me with this? Are any beginner friendly issues available here?

Hey there,

There are two-three ways to get started with any Open Source contribution,

  • Improve product’s documentation: this is the easiest way to initiate the process of contribution.
  • Fixing bugs can be the second priority.
  • Working on the new features can be the third one.

Once you have successfully contributed to the above, your profile will be automatically strengthened within the community, and going forward you will be more clear about contribution.


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Hello @vikram.sahu, is there something like ‘good first issues’ for newcomers to get started with?

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Thanks a lot @vikram.sahu. will try improving documentation.

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Hi @vighnesh ,

I looked through the ~200+ labels and didn’t find any ‘good first issues’ but was able to extrapolate that the product documentation label was probably a good start.

I thought the ‘examples’ label was a pretty good start, this one looks like a relatively easy fix the documentation or open a bug.



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