Valentino Artisan Coffee House API - Assignment #5

Dear Postman Community,

I have been working on the API test automation challenge “Valentino Artisan Coffee House API”. In my 5th assignment, I need to create GitHub Actions for my project. I have done everything but I have the following issue.

My collections are working fine when I try to run them manually. But, I am getting the error code 401 unauthorized when I try to run using Postman CLI. Could anyone please help me with it?

GET{{collectionId}}?apikey= [401 Unauthorized, 499B, 510ms]

I have added my postman-API-key as a collection variable. So, when I run using GitHub Actions, I get the same.

Hey @avionics-observer-14 :wave:,

Can you share a link to your repo and the Github Action, please?

My GitHub repo

GitHub Action:

name: Automated API tests using Postman CLI

on: push

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - name: Install Postman CLI
        run: |
          curl -o- "" | sh
      - name: Login to Postman CLI
        run: postman login --with-api-key ${{ secrets.POSTMAN_API_KEY }}
      - name: Run API tests
        run: |
          postman collection run "23466392-259c9b0b-3a58-4d8f-afbc-ca567dae3544"

What’s the error that you’re seeing here?

Have you added an Github Environment Variable that is being referenced in the workflow?

Without added that, the Postman CLI wouldn’t be able to access the Collection UUID from your Postman account.

I tried adding it but got an error. I am learning GitHub Actions and trying to do the same. I’ll update you once I am done.

I have got the below response when I try to do it

 "error": {
 "name": "serviceLimitExhausted",
 "message": "Service limit exhausted. Please contact your team admin."

I completed all 5 assignments. But I am getting the below message “Your Postman API key - APIAutomationBadge is exposed on GitHub. Please revoke its access on the settings page.”

I have added environment variables and secrets in GitHub. But still I see the API keys message.

The issue was I added my collections in GitHub and my API key was exposed. I added API key as secret. So, I created only yml file in the GitHub repo, and works fine!

I have got my API Test Automation badge.

Thanks a ton, @danny-dainton

You are so kind as always :slight_smile:

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