User Feedback - WebSocket support

Does this have a 60 min timeout?
Im connecting & monitoring my websocket and it dies after 60 min consistently.

Thanks to the Postman team for this new functionality :+1:

Feature Request:
Our API has an idle timeout, and expects clients to keep the connection alive. We support both the standard websocket protocol ping/pong mechanism (in our case, client-initiated ping) or an application-level keep-alive API request.

  • Postman should support enabling configurable client-side pings in the settings (e.g. ping every 10s)
  • It would be great if we could schedule recurring messages over the websocket as well, although I realize this may be a much less common use-case

Thanks again for the feature, and for taking community feedback.

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I need to send Stomp subprotocol subscribe command


It sends the command but fail to subscribe the topic since there is no null character at the end hence I get error that payload is incorrect
Can some one help me how to do send the subscribe command or send Nul character (Byte 0x00)

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I’ve started using the websocket feature in Postman and it works like a charm so far. I haven’t even found any bugs yet.

Here’s a list of features I would like to see added, they may be already on the roadmap since they’re pretty much features already present for HTTP requests, but just in case I’ll mention them:

  • Use the same cookies as in the HTTP requests. So I could, for example, log in a server via an HTTP auth request and then connect to the websocket in the same session.
  • Ability to save a list of pre-defined messages to send, with pre-send scripts.
  • Test scripts for executing after receiving messages.
  • Two-pane view support. Messages at the right and everything else on the left.

Thank you very much!

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I’m loving the addition of the websocket client, as I haven’t had a real utility for testing websocket connections, although one issue I have is that new messages are added to the top, and there is no option (as far as I’m aware of, at least) to make it add new messages to the bottom instead. If something like that could be added, it would be wonderful!

That aside, the websocket client is great, and I haven’t come across any other issues with it.

Hi there, I am able to connect to my websocket server using postman. This server accepts binary audio stream and response with speech to text in a json structure. Is there a way in postman to send to my ws server continues audio stream (For example from my local microphone)?

Firstly, Congrats on getting this functionality added! On a quick look, it seems pretty good.

Here are a few issues I’ve faced with it so far:

  1. I don’t seem to be able to name or save my requests, so can’t use them from within a collection.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be the option to use variables at any scope other than global in websockets. It would be nice to be able to define variables within the request scope - like regular http requests.
  3. I can’t remove or modify any of the headers (in particular, I wanted to be able to edit the “Sec-WebSocket-Extensions” header)
  4. (related to the 3rd point) I obtain a compressed response which doesn’t get decompressed before showing it to me, and doesn’t give me the option to decompress it.
  5. I think it would be more intuitive to be able to select previously sent messages under “compose”, rather than having to keep all messages sent and received and delve through them to decide which one to copy, copy it and head to the compose area to send.
  6. The pre-request and test scripts might be a good idea to include here as well. I’d like to be able to pull information out of messages received and use them for regular http requests.

In all, great work so far - being as ubiquitous as you are, you’re always likely to have very demanding users (like myself), but this should help you constantly improve and stay at your market leading position.

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WebSocket support is greatly appreciated. Additional features that seem beneficial after my first tests:

  1. Save requests and add to collections
  2. Integrated SignalR websocket support. Would for example mean to automatically append/strip the 0x1e byte after any message or possibly allow for automatic protocol handshake.
  3. Automatic authorization handling similar to existing functionality http header.
  4. Easily switch between sent messages to resend or start from copy.

To test flows I often need to send the same messages on every connection start. For example a hello, connect instructions etc. It would be cool to “quicksave” message bodys within a websocket connection that can quickly be sent from the list by just clicking them.

Hey @Pavan0302!

Can you please try entering a null character(\x00) at the end of your message by holding down Ctrl/control(⌃) and pressing @.

Note: There is no need to press Shift(⇧) to get the @ character.


There are 2 things over here.

First CTRL + number is a short cut by postman to change the tab. Even if disable the short cut
pressing Ctrl + @ does not add anything in the console window.

I already tried every googled way and could not find a way to do so.

I’m trying to connect to a connection and I haven’t been able to get it to work.

I get this error each time I attempt to connect via Postman.

I am able to connect to my web socket server but on sending the message the connection is getting disconnected and getting the below error message

1005 No Status Received: Missing status code even though one was expected.

Please help me solving the same.

First of all thanks for this implementation really useful. I was waiting for it for a long time.

Btw i cannot connect to my ws endpoint, i get the following error:

Thank you very much for this implementation which is really very good :slight_smile:

I ask you a question, do you have an ETA in which it will be possible to save the websocket connections that I make?

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I’m also hoping very soon it will be possible to save WebSocket connections.

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