User Feedback - Updating API Elements

We’re looking for feedback from users that are using the updating API element feature.

Please add to this thread for any issue you’ve encountered when validating your API elements against your schema or if you have any suggestion around the feature’s UX.

We’ll be summarising feedback as it comes in this first post. :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Endpoints added to the schema are not added to the collection
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I posted in github PR but anyway replying here =)

Thanks guys, excellent feature.

Testing here, and for me, the new one’s methods/actions added in API doesn’t appear to include on updating the collection

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@scaloni thanks for the feedback! We are working on it and new endpoints will soon appear as updates to be added to the collection.

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I tried to use this feature for my OpenApi 3.0 scheme but came across a lot of problems.

  1. If you have “variables” into root “servers” field then all endpoints will return “Request not found in schema…” message when trying to validate.
Servers scheme
  - url: '{BASE_URI}/api'
    description: Development server
        description: Server base URI
  1. If you have “parameters” or “responses” into root “components” field and use $ref on it in your endpoints, you will get “Headers not found in schema:” and “Response headers not found in schema:” messages when trying to validate.
  2. Integer and boolean fields will be converted to “field”: “<integer>” (“field”: “<boolean>”). Sometimes the proposed fixes are incorrect (“field”: null) when trying to validate.

I would really like to use this feature, but unfortunately it is not yet ready for use :disappointed: