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Could you please explain how the variable is created and updated.
I am not able to extract the id value from it.

that’s strange. I’m able to get all the keys. Would you be able to check if the response is in the same format as you posted in the last screenshot?
tagging @saswatds for further help.

I am getting this in my postman tool in windows.
Not getting all keys.

Hi @ereddy068 , for some reason our schema inference engine is not able to figure-out the schema of elements inside the array.

  • One of the reason this happens when different elements within the array have different shapes. Could you confirm that all the array elements have the same schema? Or can you share the full msgs array with sensitive information hidden.
  • Or the msgs was empty when inference happened.

One way to circumvent is to save an Example to you Request you have selected. Flow’s will automatically read your example data and give you the inference.

Below is the response when I make a call in the postman request and also the image from the console.

    "msgs": [
            "fromfull": "noreply@iot-********",
            "subject": "VERIFY YOUR EMAIL",
            "from": "********",
            "origfrom": "******** <noreply@iot-********>",
            "to": "********",
            "id": "********-1633615479-356320",
            "time": 1633615479000,
            "seconds_ago": 41
    "domain": "public",
    "to": "********"


Now when I make a request in the flows
Below is the resposne.
In the flows I have got the response as a list and I am not able to fetch values from the list.
I have tried with foreach as well. It is giving the complete msgs as a response.
I am not getting any idea how I can retrive one value from the msgs list.

    - fromfull: noreply@********
      subject: VERIFY YOUR EMAIL
      from: ********
      origfrom: ******** <noreply@********>
      to: ********
      id: ********-1633615479-356320
      time: 1633615479000
      seconds_ago: 269
  domain: public
  to: ********
  Date: 'Thu, 07 Oct 2021 14:09:08 GMT'
  Content-Type: application/json
  Transfer-Encoding: chunked
  Connection: keep-alive
  Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=s4~node04p3yhnnbqgwtjqj43f24dqt01665691.node0;Path=/
  Expires: 'Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT'
  Access-Control-Allow-Origin: '*'
  CF-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC
  Expect-CT: >-
  Report-To: >-
  NEL: '{"success_fraction":0,"report_to":"cf-nel","max_age":604800}'
  Server: cloudflare
  CF-RAY: 69a7b49a6ce5735b-CPH
  Content-Encoding: gzip
  statusCode: 200
  statusMessage: OK
  responseTime: 190

Export as a python script… that could be a-ma-zing

So cool
I’d really love to parse XML, is that in the roadmap?

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This would solve most of the problems, i would also prefer a way to input simple data, like some input fields on the top left corner (next to the “multi start feature”), which can be referenced in the flow.

A usecase would be to have a “Fix User Data” flow, where the develop can just enter 1 or 2 user ids, and the flow does the rest. It doesnt make sense to somehow enter this data somewhere hidden in the flow, a simple window where you present the “user” with the needed information would be golden

Also just thinking loud: What is with a custom node with a code field where we can write our own code/logic for the node?

Woah you guys are quick! It was my fault obviously. A preceding request was failing and apperantly you cannot extract data that isn’t there.

So, a few things that I’d liked to have for debugging purpose:

  • maybe a small lable with the latest http status code in the “send request” box, and/or a button to view the return button (this is possible already by either using the console, or the terminal, where both can become cluttered really quick)
  • Buttons for “Run this box again”, “Start Flow from this box” , “Run until here”
  • Decoupling of “created variables” and variables used in a request, so they dont necessarily match. “Send request” could have a mappingconfiguration of incomming variables to variables used in the request

In general I appreciate the feature, this feedback blog and the super friendly and helpful team and the quick reaction to feedback! This feels great!

Have a great day everyone!

changing the environment variables via flows is NOT possible. I tested this with a really simple flow, which just executes a request to and does this in the prerequest script:

pm.environment.set(“test”, “abc”);

After executing the flow and checking the environment, it is still empty

Hi @askmeagain!

Currently, variables created using the ‘Create Variables’ block are set in the ‘data’ scope. They do not edit/override/create environment variables.

Please follow this link to learn more about scopes:

This is not my problem.

Iam executing

pm.environment.set(“test”, “abc”);

inside a prerequest script and this is not done in a flow. I would expect to run the flow and then when i look in my environment to see “test” = “abc”, but its empty. Iam not creating any variables via my request node

Got it. Currently, we are not supporting updating environment from requests within flows. Please find the relevant information regarding this decision here: Postman Flows does not run Test javascript · Issue #10359 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have answered in the issue. Iam also copying my response here:

This is sad to read, as i have a usecase where we setup different environments for different users. I would argue that this is a decision which should be on the user. there is no reason to protect the users from themselves :frowning:

Hi @askmeagain , you are absolutely right, could not agree with you more. This is not a permanent decision, just a temporary one while we figure-out the logistics of environment with flows.

We also want to let’s uses define and use multiple environments with flows so that they are not limited to defining a single environment for the entire flow. It is also possible to use one flow inside another flow in the future, which again brings in the question which environment should be used.

We also are exploring providing a storage block which will be capable of storing any kind of data, and not limited by the key value pair format the environments allow. We wish environments to be truly Environment variable - Wikipedia where we are also able to load Environments from your native OS when we enable running flows in CI environments.
There are a lot of decision that we have not taken yet, so it was safest for us to make the current environment readonly :crossed_fingers: We promise to figure this out soon. Thanks again for the feedback

Hi everyone :wave: .

We are seeing the massive interest in Flow and this topic was turning out to be contain lot of information that everyone in the community to take value from. But the single threaded mode of discourse is turning out to be to confusing.
For a better experience for feedback, we have decided to move to using Github discussion for the same Discussions · postmanlabs/postman-flows (

Hope to you see you all there. We will also be posting regular release notes and making major announcement there.


Hi postman team,

Thank you for the amazing new feature!!

I’m trying to run the request and passing it to another request, but before that I want to add or actually modify the value of one of the header parameters. For example, my first request header continued access token (which is not string) and I want to add text (String) in this access token before I pass it to the next request. There is any way to apply this?

Here is my flow to clarify more:

Great feedback @RageNugget! I’ll go ahead and create issues for all the 3 points you mentioned. You can check them out here: Issues · postmanlabs/postman-flows · GitHub

Welcome to the community @payload-cosmologist4 :slight_smile:

Currently, you cannot append custom values to input. We’ll definitely work on implementing it. Meanwhile, would you mind raising an issue or an idea here Discussions · postmanlabs/postman-flows · GitHub

Closing the topic as the conversation has moved to Github Discussions. :heart: