Unable to register to Student Leader since registration form is not inclusive

I am unable to register for Student Leader because it mandates to sign-in to google service. Is is it possible to remove the mandate to sign-in, thus making non google users inclusive of this program and take same knowledge regardless of the platform. Please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also the form has mandate Last Name, however in India there is no legal mandate for last name, hence is it possible if it can be modified to "Legal Full Name (as per your govt ID) with help icon explaining which govt documents are valid; which in turn makes single name users feel inclusive of the system and program. :slightly_smiling_face:

This change of making us all inclusive of the system will be greatly appreciated! :pray:

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @prnam – inclusivity is very important to the Postman community, so I’m passing this along to our Student Program team. :rocket:


Hello @prnam,

We have enabled the sign-in to google service to avoid spam and repeated entries from an individual user, right now we don’t have another option but to use this system. We do care about people who might not have a google account and in that case you can send us an email at: studentprogram@postman.com and we will get back to you over there.

For the Last Name, we had kept it this way keeping the global audience in mind, now we have removed the mandated Last name option so you can skip it if you don’t have one.

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Ill mail to that address, Thx :blush:

That’s great, however I think it should just one field asking “Full Name (as per legal documents)” that way you get to issue the certificate in that name in badgr. Check my below certificate having wrong name. Is it possible to update now?

I have used a dot “.” to escape it earlier, is it possible to change and re issue certificate?

Note: Ignore the highlighted in arrow mark, it is related to some other issue and I have taken one image to explain 2 issue. For this thread the “Recipient name” is what I am asking a change for.