Unable to locate a folder that kept my API file from server

Hi Community,

Not sure if I can ask here, i would like to find out… i have a link that goes something like this for linking my local country’s central bank API to my 3rd Party application…


So when i remote into the server, i can find the folder named “reach” but i can’t find the folder called “api/common/exchangerate”.

I have also ensure that all hidden folders are not hidden. May i ask anyone knows how come i can’t see or find it?

This file is currently working.

Those are paths in the application, so they might not relate directly to folders on the system but are used in the code.

This is more of an question for the developer\supplier of the API. No one here is going to know this unless they have specifically used that API.

I would very much hope that the paths do NOT directly relate to folder paths on the server (as that would potentially be a security risk).

On a side note, the “apps/reach” parts shouldn’t really be needed in the path.

Not sure if this is a RESTful API or not but the URL should be something like…


In your example, it would usually start at api, and might have a version number added as well (no version number should mean this is the latest version).

Is this really http (for a finance API)?

I suspect this is outside of your control though.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply.

The link do not lead to the API, so no worries there.

Unfortunately, the developer for the API has left the company, and there was no documentations. I was tasked to take over.

This link is connected with our erp for connect to our local central bank api to display the FX rate.

Thanks for the information. I hope that others may shine light on this matter.

I have found the folder, thanks for your help Mike!

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