Unable to Find the Error

Hey @iamrishavraj1 ! I’m excited that you’re doing the trainings. I see you’re running into some issues here–that’s normal.

It’s hard for us to help you without an explanation of what you’ve tried so far, as we can only broadly guess from your current post. Have you looked at other posts in this category that might be relevant? Screenshots and code snippets help.

What I strongly recommend doing is going back a few steps to make sure you’ve completed each step in the right order. The training exercises themselves should help you get back on track. One pro tip though: don’t forget to save your requests before you move on to the next step :slight_smile:

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Thank You , But i recheck the previous folders but i don’t get the solution . Can i restart the training?

Absolutely! You can restart any time. (I started over at one point when I did the training too!)


Thank You So Much, I Passed all the test.

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:trophy: Congratulations Rishav! You’ll receive your badge in the next couple of weeks :star2: