Unable to Fill in 30 Day Postman Challenge Badge Form

I have completed all the postman challenges , but while submitting my workspace for final submission and trying to fill in the form , a glitch comes .

The section asking which badge are you applying for toggles and I am unable to submit my workspace for final review

Could someone please guide me how to proceed next ?
Thank you for your time to help we with my query !!

Hey @jai-shree-jain :wave:

The form is used for multiple submissions, some require a Workspace Id and others require a Collection URL.

The badge toggle will display the field depending on what you select from the drop down.

Have you selected the 30 Days badge from the list?

No , I am not able to submit the form

Kindly see this form as it is not allowing to select the option because it toggles .

It seems to be fine on my side. :sweat_smile:

Have you tried opening it up in a new private tab or resizing the window so the drop down is higher on the page, as it opens it looks like itโ€™s hitting the bottom and might be impacting it.

Yess :melting_face:
It was fine on mobile screen . Thanks @danny-dainton

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