Trigger jenkins build via POSTMAN using json

how to Jenkins job to trigger remotely using POSTMAN .i am using below using POST method

and parameters has been passed through JSON format through POSTMAN (in body) .
but values are not been picked by jenkins build .its empty

You might want to take a look at Jenkins Wiki. At the bottom of the page it shows Build with parameters are passed as query strings and not in the body. They have also pointed out the limitation of “when build triggers are used to start a build, there’s no way to pass parameters”.

is there any way to pass to dynamic json parameters to trigger jenkins build
?pls let me know

I’d like to share this resource :

This resource shows how you can integrate with Jenkins using Postman . You can check out the steps with the example collection to set up Jenkins

Feel free to check out this video from @vdespa as well :

Hope these resources help!

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It didn’t help . can you pls suggest anything to pass json parameters from postman to trigger jenkins build