Testflix : Worlds biggest Virtual Software Testing Conference - September 23 - 24th

Testflix stands as the world’s most extensive virtual conference for software testing.

This year, Testflix is thrilled to host exceptional speakers who will delve into the realm of API testing and development.

Come and join me alongside the esteemed Postman experts Valentin Despa and Pricilla Bilavendran, both renowned Postman Supernovas, as we collectively explore the intricacies of testing.

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Looking back at TestFlix 2023, we had some standout presentations from the Postman community. If you missed them, here’s your chance to catch up:

:rocket: Valentin Despa, a Postman Supernova, took us on a journey with “Generative AI Meets Postman API Testing.” He brilliantly showed how AI is changing the game in API testing. Catch the session here.

:fire: Pricilla Bilavendran, another Supernova at Postman, dived deep into “Mastering the Art of Prompt Engineering.” Her session is a goldmine for testers looking to leverage AI tools more effectively. Here’s the full talk.

:bulb: Pooja Mistry, Postman Developer Advocate, shared her wisdom on “How to Design Effective APIs.” If you’re into creating APIs that last and adapt, this one’s for you. Watch Pooja’s insights.