TestBashX Bucks (Oct 14th, 2022)

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m very happy to share that Postman will be running an activity at TestBashX in Milton Keynes (UK)! Join @dannydainton and I for an API Testing and Automation session as well as many other activities throughout the day!

Grab your ticket here!

I will be there! I have a few more questions too :rofl:

FOMO intensifies :broken_heart:

@w4dd325 @arlemi @dannydainton get to talk testing in person!

Again… :sweat_smile:

We’ll all be together in the same place at some point @joyce :heart:

Road trip to America? … I’m game!! :rofl:

They will get sick of me soon! … Can you get banned from Postman? Asking for a friend … :eyes:

Not another question…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: