Test fails in Day 7 of 30 days challenge

In Day 7 of the thirty day challenge, even though everything’s okay while sending the request, it won’t clear the test criteria “Log statement added correctly”. It says “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘find’).” I’ve been trying to debug it since last two hours. Help please!
Link to workspace: Postman

Look at the first screenshot.

  1. It appears that the request is not saved.
  2. The syntax highlighter does not recognize forEach and log. It should look like:
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I don’t know if its because you’ve now saved the request, but I forked your collection and its working fine and passing all tests.

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Hi, thank you for your responses. No issues with saving, although it might have looked that way in screenshots. Now for whatever reason , it worked as if nothing had happened before. I don’t know why it behaves like this, I had gotten the same issue in a few previous challenges as well.

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