Test Failed - "Correct variable added" for 15 Days Challenge - Day 02 - submit environment request

I am taking 15 days challenge program and got stuck at day 02 > submit environment request.

I am failing at assertion test - "Correct variable added | AssertionError: expected ‘’ to equal ‘https://postman-echo.com/

I have already ensured that I am copying the correct env id and putting it in request url. but still I am getting error everytime I send the request.

Please help.

It’s difficult to tell from the images as you’re not showing the contents of the environment.

  • What does the environment file like look?
  • Is the value set in the initial and current field?
  • Is the environment saved?
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Hi @ssurankar

You must add the environment variable for the URL, check the instructions

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Sorry for the late response. I was able to resolve the error by adding baseURL value in Initial Value column in environment. Earlier it was only in Current Value column so thats why I guess it was not gettng read by the assertion test. As soon as I added the value in Initial value column, the test passed successfully.

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