Test case fail in student expert test

I have added a description to all request but when I check into test cases it is reporting a failed test case as

Added request description | AssertionError: expected to have a length above 0 but got 0

Please help me with this

Hey @harshareddy794

You can find similar questions in the following tag:


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@dannydainton I couldn’ find any similar question. I have made everything correct but I am getting issue with the description test

Hi @harshareddy794 if you make a change you need to update your collection link so I would recommend trying that - go back through the Share option for the collection and try the test request again.

Thanks, @suesmith here is the link https://www.getpostman.com/collections/c4c590e94b5bd2d72224 can you help me with this issue

@harshareddy794 when I run this the test you’ve mentioned above passes - what issue are you still having with it?

Hey @harshareddy794, I ran your collection and every test has passed. Can you be more specific about the error you got?


Thanks, @suesmith and @ajunior the issue has solved now. It passed all test cases

@harshareddy794 great. Congratulations!

@suesmith @ajunior
Can you please check the same issue for me as well?

I tried multiple solutions but none are working. I am getting the same error of Added request description

This has been solved now.

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