Student Expert Issue: Failing Skill check code retrieving set var value from response property

Hi there,

I’m having trouble deciphering why this test from the Student Expert/ 3. Test collection is failing. Does anyone have some feedback for me? I’m passing everything so far.

Hi @nutzboltz I think you may have encountered a limitation in the test request because you’re using different syntax from what we cover in the earlier folder… :woman_facepalming:

I’m going to tweak the collection so that this doesn’t affect other people but in the meantime I’ll DM you a fix!

Your DM worked! Thanks for being so quick on that fix. Took me a couple hours staring at my screen today lol

Oh no! Sorry about that and thanks for reporting, it’s allowed us to improve the experience for future learners! :raised_hands:

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Hi suesmith, I am also having the same situation: