Student Expert- Cannot read property 'item' of undefined

Initially, 8\10 test were successful after that I verified my collection work then suddenly this error started popping up, even though my skill checker is displayed as complete.

Hey @tusharm007 :wave: Welcome to the Postman community!

If you check the text below “Skill Checker complete!!!” - it mentions “Any filed tests will indicate part of the collection you still need to complete”.

From what I see you have an error in the “Test” script of your collection.
Check out these resources to help you out in fixing the issue with your scripts:

Especially pay attention to the error you are getting around trying to read a property of an undefined object.

Hope that helps! And good luck :+1:

Hi @tusharm007, it looks like you’re using the separate skill checker template which is from an older version of the student training so you shouldn’t need that, all you need is the Student expert collection. I would make sure that in the Test collection request you are using the collection link for the Student expert collection (if you go through the Share flow for it).

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Thank you for your time , I will try to use your suggestions asap.

New problem :grimacing: , tried updating my public link but no luck.

Take a look at the fail message, these are required elements that are missing from your collection. One hint I can give is that these should be in the second folder.


Thank you so much got it !