Skipping a request in a data file

I have 2 requests in my collection.

  1. First one is to retrieve the data from the google sheets and store it in an environment variable.

  2. Second request uses the data from the environment variable and use in the pre request script, create the url to execute and then run the test script.

In the pre request script of this request, I set my iterator to 0. In my test script, I increment the iterator by 1 after the request is executed and use the sendnextrequest to execute the same request again until it reaches the end of the rows in the google sheets.

Enhancement which I needed help:

I added a checkbox column in google sheets to choose which rows should be run. I don’t need to run all test case rows each time I test.

I need only few rows to be executed in the whole spreadsheet.

So I hoping to check if there is any functionality to support this.