Shoud we use dynamic variables in student expert collection

@suesmith In first folder of student expert collection “Begin training” should we use dynamic variables, because when we run first folder in collection runner, it will show 400 error for “update score” and “remove match” requests, As match_id is hardcoded from getmatches request (As it generate random ID for each run). What should we use ?

Hi @saiambadasmyana the first folder isn’t intended to be run using the collection runner, only as individual requests. The collection runner portion of the training is only intended for the second folder. Hope that helps!

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@suesmith yup, thanks for reply. You won’t run first folder while evaluating for badge right. B,coz if you run it, there will be error as match_id are hardcoded in 3 and 4 requests and they don’t match with randomly generated ID