OpenAPI Catalog

Summary: Create an open catalog of OpenAPI definitions for each of the Types. Providing a robust set of starting OpenAPI templates for teaching or developing new APIs using a design-first approach. Helping save developers work when it comes to starting new APIs, but also help ensure APIs are developed using common standards and are as interoperable as possible.

Skills: Familiarity with the OpenAPI specification, and Types.

Expected Outcomes: A public repository of up-to-date OpenAPI 3.1 definitions and validated JSON Schema instances for each of the Types. You must share your code used to generate the output definitions, allowing them to be updated as Types evolve.

Mentors: @MikeRalphson + 1-2 additional mentors to be named.

Project Repo: tbd

Size of Project: 175h or 350h

Rating: Medium skills level

Hey there :wave:

I’m Christos Maris, and I’d love to take this project on.

Would you like to talk a bit more and plan the whole thing out?

~ Christos