Retrieve details for all customers request in the API First training

In the create mock collection step 4
this step " Select “…” next to the collection name and Copy to Workspace ."

Do you mean the parent Customers or the child Customer collection in the api tap?

The 3 Customers in the screenshot above would be;

> API name
   > Collection

In a message above I screenshotted how to re-generate the collection. It would be worth trying as the ‘index.json’ looks ok from what I can see…

Hi @w4dd325

this is my workspace ID 06b372e8-0291-467f-b1c8-83cb4ce32b7a

and this is a screenshot that every thing works correct

when I submit my workspace sending me that there is an error

Could you check my work through my workspace ID it is public?

What is the error that you see?

They sending that email:

Hard to say without sitting and going through it step by step, and I don’t have the time right now to do that. I would suggest you go over each step to ensure that you have completed it fully, including checking that the names of the calls/collections/tests etc. are all spelled correctly.

Was just having a scan read… have you done this bit?

Do you mean that I should make the test fail and submit it?

That screenshot with making the test fail by changing the type of the id to boolean.


Thanks for your help but I am enough I do my best with that API First and nothing happen, I had been struggling hard for more than three days didn’t know what’s wrong, thank you.

Hey @sherif007 , can you please share the link to your public workspace (instead of the ID)?

Hi @arlem , This is the link to my public workspace

Thanks! That was my bad, I’ve updated the instructions to use the Scheduled Runner instead of Monitors but forgot to remove the automated test for it.

You should have received your badge now, sorry for the troubles you had to go through and as always thanks @w4dd325 for your help! :smiley:


@arlem I am getting this error mail on submitting for Postman API First badge, although my workspace id is public ?

check here → Postman
Could u help me, in findfing what is the issue ?
Tried this challenge twice…

@Aman_Jain I’m looking into it, the last workspace you submitted is empty but the other one should have been checked normally. I’ll update here when I’ve figured it out. :+1:

Edit: Turns out my API key had expired, this is fixed and you should have received an email from Canva Badges telling you the badge was awarded. :slightly_smiling_face:

@arlem Ya i receive the message of claiming the badge, thank You for that :slightly_smiling_face:.
what was the actual issue ?

@Aman_Jain There was no issue from your end, but the automation we’ve built had an expired api key so couldn’t query the workspace at all. :sweat_smile: I’m updating it so that I get a warning the next time the api key expires.

Ohh okay… Glad u figure out the things. I was performing form last 3 day and got eventually tired. Wrote a mail to postman support also…
Thanks for Your co-operation.:v:t2:

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