Retrieve details for all customers request in the API First training

“error”: {
“name”: “mockRequestNotFoundError”,
“message”: “Double check your method and the request path and try again.”,
“header”: “No matching requests”

How to solve this error? I didn’t know what’s wrong?

Hi @sherif007

That means that you don’t have a mock server configured.
Be sure to read section “4. Create a mock collection” in the instructions.

Hi @w4dd325

I have followed the instructions but nothing new, every time give me same request error , I am struggling so hard with that error,
this request “Retrieve details for a particular customer” and this request “Add a new customer” works correctly but this request Retrieve details for all customers give me the same error why?

Could you provide some screenshots so we can see what you are submitting etc.? (Including URL’s and variables).


Can you screenshot how you added the call into the definition?

I just did it and it is working for me so I suspect your issue is in the definition file.

Also, did you add the new API call manually or re-generate the whole collection from the definition?

I add the call into the definition by copy and paste to the index.json file under the definition folder from docs and there is a screenshot for the index file.

I made a video to the screen with what I did, but can’t upload it, here!


this is the step In APIs > Customers > Definition.

where is the path ?

Add a new endpoint inside paths , after the customer path (adding a comma before the previous element–you can hit the Beautify button at the top right to clean up your indentation).

Try clicking the refresh icon on the definition… Not sure what to suggest as it looks like mine but mine shows the path.

After you added the path did you generate a new collection like this?

Can you screenshot what you have added for this schema?
(This is the only thing I can see that differs from what I have)

In the create mock collection step 4
this step " Select “…” next to the collection name and Copy to Workspace ."

Do you mean the parent Customers or the child Customer collection in the api tap?

The 3 Customers in the screenshot above would be;

> API name
   > Collection

In a message above I screenshotted how to re-generate the collection. It would be worth trying as the ‘index.json’ looks ok from what I can see…

Hi @w4dd325

this is my workspace ID 06b372e8-0291-467f-b1c8-83cb4ce32b7a

and this is a screenshot that every thing works correct

when I submit my workspace sending me that there is an error

Could you check my work through my workspace ID it is public?

What is the error that you see?

They sending that email:

Hard to say without sitting and going through it step by step, and I don’t have the time right now to do that. I would suggest you go over each step to ensure that you have completed it fully, including checking that the names of the calls/collections/tests etc. are all spelled correctly.