Query about Postman 30Days Challenge Submission

Hi Team,

Thanks a lot for setting up this great learning platform. It is amazing and helping many newbies(like me) to understand the basic concepts well. I have completed my 30 days challenge and submitted the pull request. However am not sure whether I have successfully done that or not. I hope many would have gone through the same confusion. Can anyone please help me to understand whether my submission is successful and it is under review.

My workspace id: 2c51de56-7d02-4a3f-844b-7e081e29ab02
30th day collection ID: 10262594-94816b50-6fc1-4bb0-b87d-65d0c0f0e1c8

It will be good if an email notification (whether it is success or failure) is sent once the challengers created the pull request.

Vennila P

Hi @VennilaSaha,

You can access the list of open Pull Requests by looking at the Pull Requests tab on the original Day 30 collection, link is below:


You will see that your pull request is the most recently submitted in “Open” state, the Postman team will work through these but it is not instantaneous - you will not be forgotten :slight_smile:

At the top of your pull request, you will notice there is a “Watch” button:

If you click the “Watch” button then you will receive an email notification once the submission has been reviewed, like below:

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@ neil studd, Thank you for the swift response!

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