Pulling a series of hashtag-containing tweets from a specific time period via Twitter API v2?


I’ve only recently discovered Postman, and I have minimal coding knowledge. I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a series of requests, pulling a number of hashtag-containing tweets from specific time periods, for example, searching for 1000 tweets containing “#example1” or “#example2” during 2022.01.01 - 2022.10.10.

I’ve managed to pull regular tweets from specific time frames via the “Search Tweets” function in Postman’s Twitter API v2 workspace, but I’m also wondering if another function might serve this purpose better.

This will be down to the Twitter API, so you’ll need to read through the documentation and examples to see if this particular query is possible.

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apologies. it seems it is very much possible to achieve this, as i’ve managed to make a few successful requests. i’m having some trouble with my query parameters, however, having included lang:en and -is:retweet within the query, yet still receiving rt’s and non-english responses. would it be appropriate to seek help for this issue here?

I don’t use Twitter, so won’t be much help unless its an obvious element that you are missing.

Twitter is popular, so you may get someone on this forum who has done this before.

Post a screenshot of your request, and the response you are receiving.

Ideally with a link to the Twitter documentation for that particular request.

Include information from the console log if appropriate.

If you post code, including JSON examples then please use the preformatted text option in the editor so it doesn’t get all aligned to the left.

Redact anything confidential as approprate.

If there is a Twitter Dev forum, then you are more likely to get a response from that.