Proposal Review regarding Idea #6

Hello @Sharath_Iyengar

Please add a respective mentor to my draft proposal.
I have shared the proposal with and give the editor access.
Here is the link:

Thank You

Thank you so much for writing in. The document has been shared with the relevant mentors.

@meenakshi.dhanani please do look into this.


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Hey @thefierycoder,
I’ve added some comments on the doc, could you have a look.
Since we know the list of tasks to be done (mentioned in the workspace), would like more understanding regarding your approach. Please feel free to respond to the comments on the doc itself.


Thanks for your review.:pray:

I have some queries.
I added as comments on the doc.:slightly_smiling_face:
Please take a look.

Hello @meenakshi.dhanani :wave:

I made changes as suggested in my draft proposal.

Please give your feedback.:pray:

Added some feedback, the rest looks good to me.

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Thank You very much for your valuable feedback :pray:.

No problem at all. Good luck and make sure you submit the proposal before the deadline :slight_smile: