Preliminary questions regarding GSOC '23

Hello to everyone in Postman community !

I’m Yash Mundada a second year CS student at BITS Pilani and was interested in contributing to Postman for GSOC '23.
This is not the first time that I have been involved with Postman. I help run the Postman funded lab at BITS Pilani, have also completed the Postman student qualification and had discussions with Abhijit Kane (a cofounder of Postman who is from BITS) about entrepreneurship when he had visited our campus. I have found these experiences to be invaluable and was hoping to have another positive experience by contributing to GSOC.

I had gone through the GitHub repo and understood the tasks but had some questions I wanted to clear before I get started:

  1. " Please complete a matching mandatory qualification task on the idea page (also linked to with every idea/task on the idea page) when you apply. When applying with your own idea please check with the mentors/org admins beforehand to see which qualification task would be a good match. "
    I am unable to find the “matching mandatory qualification task” on the github pages.
    Can you please let me know if there are any other pages that I’m unaware of or whether the qualification tasks will be uploaded on a later date.

  2. Also there are 6 tasks on the GitHub page. How will we be assigned to a task? Will multiple students be assigned to a task and then a single student be chosen for completing this task during GSOC? I don’t want to start working on a task to get to know it had been assigned to someone else!

  3. What should be our primary motive over the next few weeks in the lead up to submitting the application? Should we start working on a project that we are interested in and give regular updates? Where should we post these updates and whom to?

  4. What will be the primary medium of communication between fellow contributors and the mentors in the lead-up to the application submission - will it be this community or is there another pre-existing community that I may be unaware of?

Hoping to hear back,
Thank you,
Yash Mundada

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Hi Yash Mundada,
thanks for your interest in our projects for GSoC 2023. I’ll try to answer your questions as far as I can at the current time. We’re still waiting for a few projects to be added to the list. After that we’ll have a common process for applying to the projects.

The draft process looks like this:

  • We’ll define a main mentor and 1-3 additional mentors for each project.
  • The project will get a clarified scope and it’s own repo.
  • Mentors will define micro-tasks (first issues) for potential contributors.
  • Interested GSoC contributors will perform micro-tasks to qualify themselves for applying.
  • Mentors will work with potential contributors to set a perspective (contributors will have a good idea what their chances are before applying).
  • GSoC contributors apply through the GSoC platform.
  • There will only be one contributor per project.
  • The contributor and the mentors will define milestones and have regular check-ins.



Hey there everyone!

I’m Vaibhav Tripathi, sophomore from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi (IIT Varanasi), India.
I am a frequent postman user and would like to contribute to postman.

Please guide me from where do I get started and what are the pre-requisites.
Also, before applying to a project (or doing the micro-tasks as mentioned above) do I need to contribute to any other issues?

Thank you

Greetings everyone! I’m Ankit Kumar , 3rd year CS student at NIT Bhopal, India. Some of the projects look very interesting, and I would love to contribute to them this year. (Specially OpenAPI Web Search #7 ) .