Postman Student Expert Skill Check Error 504


I am doing the student expert course, I’ve sent the GET request to the skill check end point ‘’ and I keep getting a 504 gateway time out.

Seems to time out after about 3 minutes.

I’ve checked postman and the glitch website and I keep getting 504 Gateway time out

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @ianb120! Welcome to the Postman Community! Glad to see you’re interesting in the Student Expert Program :slight_smile:

I just checked the url and was able to successfully access it both within Postman and in a regular browser tab. Can you please try again and see if you’re still having the same issues? Sorry you’re having difficulties, it seems like you’re right at the finish line!

Hi Sean,

Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

Must of been a weekend thing. I managed to get it working and sent off the finished collection this evening :grinning: :crossed_fingers: