Postman requests return server 500 error, API works everywhere else

My question:
What might be wrong or how can I troubleshoot postman receiving a 500 server error when the request works as expected in the browser and with curl.

Details (like screenshots):
First and foremost, I am new to API dev or really even dev in general. I taught myself DRF in 16 hours and 7 days later here I am trying to sort out this last problem before everything works. go easy on me.

  • The API Is deployed behind cloudflare with Strict HTTPS successfully configured.
  • The Request works in my browser and curl-ing from the terminal.

How I found the problem:
Testing my request in postman after successful tests

I’ve already tried:

  • curl and browser testing
  • reviewed the console
  • checking some of the posts in the forum but they didn’t seem related.
  • Configured access and error logging in nginx tail -f 'd each and observed each while making request, nothing.