Postman LIVE - How Postman Engineering is using Electron (April 14th, 2022)

Hey everyone! Are we feeling spring yet? We just had snow in New York yesterday… :grimacing:
Last week’s stream was a fun one! @sean.keegan put together a custom OneSignal Dashboard including a Postman Visualizer with Patricio Vargas, a senior developer advocate at OneSignal. Have you mastered the visualizer yet?

This week brings another edition of “How We Built It”. Postmanaut @arlemi welcomes Postman Technical Lead, Juan Cruz Viotti to share the story of how Postman is using the Electron framework, the challenges they’re facing, and how they’re building on top of it.

Check it out on YouTube to get notified when we go live on 2022-04-14T15:00:00Z!


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