Postman LIVE - April streams

Ding dong! :wave:

:tv: Check out the lineup for April 2021:

  • Picking an outfit of the day (April 1) - Mark Zuckerberg famously wears the same t-shirt every day so he doesn’t worry about what to wear. @joyce welcomes Whitney Powell, Director of Marketing at Postman and fashion connoisseur to explore the Instagram API. Let’s build a clothing recommendation engine to streamline our daily decisions.
  • Office Hours for APAC/EMEA (April 6) - Swing by with your questions, and we’ll answer them together with @meenakshi.dhanani and @arlemi.
  • Office Hours for Americas (April 6) - Swing by with your questions, and we’ll answer them together with @sean.keegan and @kevin.swiber.
  • Creating a graphical giraffe app with Microsoft Graph (April 8) - @joyce welcomes Jeremy Thake (Principal Program Manager Lead) and Darrel Miller (API Architect) from Microsoft to learn how to access your Microsoft 365 data using the Microsoft Graph API. Authorize your account, and then create a new team with Microsoft Teams, add a channel, and post a message.
  • Making non-player characters (NPCs) using monitors (April 15) - @arlemi welcomes @atanas1899, Technical Support Engineer at Postman, to generate Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in a game using Postman. We’re playing a game in Postman that is run by Postman!
  • Take your child to work to play with APIs (April 22) - With no children of their own, @arlemi and @joyce want YOU to bring your kids to this Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day stream. This episode is for children ages 5 and up to partner with adults who are kids at heart. Sign in to Postman so you and your child can play with APIs together.
  • Inspecting the most common song lyrics (April 29) - @arlemi welcomes Linda Koffman, Content Marketing Editor at Postman and aspiring song lyricist. Together, they use APIs to dig into the lyrics of their favorite artist - Justin Beiber! And answer questions like what artist or genre mentions these words the most - “Hennessey”, “truck”, and “skrrt”?

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