POSTMAN handson workshop - NTD2023


APIs are the heart of many technological innovations. Be it digital transformation or IOT, B2B or B2C, Web applications or Mobile APIs are at the core redefining the digital ecosystem.
I will be running a 2 hour API testing workshop at Nordic testing days using Postman on June 9th (10:30-12:30am)

In this workshop, I would like to help test engineers gain confidence in dealing with API tests by doing hands-on exercises using postman. Also, help them build the E2E visual API flow.

Key takeaways:

  • Dealing with REST APIs
  • Concept of Authentication and authorization of API
  • Automating API tests
  • Stitching APIs through chaining
  • API Monitoring, CLI, integrating with CI
  • Setting up E2E visual flow

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