Postman Galaxy 2021 Recordings

Hello everyone!

:rocket: Last week at Postman Galaxy, API enthusiasts from around the world joined us for over 100 talks, demos, workshops, and activities. If you weren’t able to join us, or haven’t figured out the magic trick of being multiple places at once (please let me know if you have…), great news! We recorded most of the talks and have started publishing them for your viewing pleasure.

:movie_camera: You can find many of the key sessions, talks, and panels on the Postman Galaxy webpage. We’re still uploading videos so come check again soon if your can’t-miss talk isn’t available yet. The workshop recordings from Feb. 2 will be emailed directly to participants who registered with the Pathways and Student ticket types only.

Happy watching!


Hello! I am trying to access the ‘See All Recordings’ link from today’s email but it returns an error saying ‘Can’t load link’. I’ve tried the link on both my personal and work laptop. I am hoping to be able to access the Workshops from Postman Galaxy that I registered for.