Postman Galaxy 2021 - recorded?

Curious, will the various workshops be recorded? If I signup for “Pathways”… I can’t attend for 2 days straight, but would like to be able to visit at later date, if possible?

Hi - Yes, everything will be recorded! The recordings of the workshops on Tues, Feb 2 (which can be attended with the Pathways ticket) will be available to those who register with the Pathways ticket. All sessions on Weds and Thurs will be uploaded into the Reception area of the event as soon as possible, and will be shared more publicly at a later date.


@hannah.neil When will videos from Galaxy be available and where? I’d like to revisit / share some with my team. Thanks!

Hopefully soon, @skylerc . We’re processing them and uploading them to our YouTube account as quickly as possible. We’ll also be adding them to a post-event microsite, which we’ll share widely!


Wonderful! Thank you

Whats the appox timeline for the recorded sessions & workshops to be up?
I thought they were on demand … but you cant access them :slight_smile: if you could provide a timeline that would be great as can have a debrief session with my coworkers while its still fresh.

They are being edited and processed and will be released when they are done. :pray:t2:

Sit tight and they will be all ready soon. :rocket:

There will an update on this once we publish them, we haven’t forgotten about them :joy:

Current released talks can be found here:

More to follow :smiley:

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Thx … the link takes you to a blank page …

There’s a possibility that you might need to either clear the cache, do a hard refresh, switch to incognito/private mode or try a different browser :confused:

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Yep that worked thanks … Any info on the recorded workshop tutorials ?

Info, as in the recordings?

Those were part of the paid workshops training days and have gone/will go out to the folks that attended those.

I did signup for the workshops and attended them as well … I havent received any info on the recorded sessions … why is why I had asked on any timeline ( approx ) when would they be available.


I’m not aware of which individuals signed up to different things.

The recording will be sent out to you once everything has been processed.

While these are being worked on, we have some awesome talks for you to watch/rewatch. :trophy:

Hello just a quick follow up … I received an email with the links to the workshops …
Unfortunately when you click the “See All Recordings” button/link … it just takes you to a youtube page that doesnt exist … Any Suggestions ?