Postman creating a large amount of what appear to be backup files

Every few days, for example, 2, 3, 5, 9, 16 December - Postman is creating a folder with a random name Postman-1572881822488 - and its got a fair amount of content, and a 70MB zip file.

What will I lose if I delete all these files; and is there a setting to avoid it using so much disk space?


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Postman creates a backup file periodically to help users recover their data in the event of any data loss. But this doesn’t look like the same file as the generated backup files created are saved as postman-backup-xxxxx.json. This probably is the update file that is downloaded when you try to update the application.

On Linux - Postman downloads the complete zip files and swaps it with the current app to update. While updating if the download fails for some reason then multiple .zip files would be downloaded but these files are still cleaned up on app start and exit.

Would it be possible for you to restart the application and let us know if the files are deleted?

The backups where not getting deleted - over a long period of time.

I didn’t notice them; and they had accumulated to many gigs of backups - across postman and pc restarts; probably over a period of 6 months.

I have manually deleted them now.


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@brentgracey Thank you for the update!

May I know the version of the application you are currently on to check this issue from our end? (Settings > About)

I just re-installed my OS; but I do think I was on an old version

On my fresh install I now am running latest; so far the issue has not re-occurred; I will update here if it does


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