Postman Community Platform

Can anyone please guide me with what kind of serach algorithm is used by Postman Community, for recommending similar question.


Hey @yashi12, we’re using the default search provided by Discourse, I’d recommend checking their docs if you’d like to know what is being used:


Hi @arlemi, Thanks for looking into it, but on Discourse they have just told albout what database and languages they use, and haven’t mentioned anything relatec to the serch system.

If u find any relevant link regarding the same, plz let me know.

@yashi12 I found that topic where they recommend to check the code source of the search directly to understand what happens under the hood:

Hope that helps!

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@arlemi Thankyou, I will go through it.

Is there any way to delete account from postman community. I could not find it, so if not present we can implement it.

So that if someone no longer wants to use the platform can delete his account.