Postman community forum URL

Is there any specific reason why postman appends title to URL.
eg. on opening any ques

we get the title of question and then the id.

Hey @yashi12 :wave:t2:

That’s the way that Discourse has defined the structure of thier endpoints, rather than it being something that Postman is doing.

Hi @dannydainton ,
Yeah I know about that, but any specific reason behind it?

You’d have to ask on Discourse’s own forum for an accurate answer. But from my experience, it’s for search engine optimization: there are many things that can help with a site’s SEO, one of the beliefs is that a result will be ranked higher if it contains your keywords in the URL.

e.g. for the example that you provided, if I searched Google for “postman community platform” then your specified link may appear higher in the results, because those words appear in the URL.


Like @neilstudd mentioned, an answer or reasoning behind that implementation would need to come from the Discourse folks. :smiley:


@neilstudd , Thanks :grinning: