Postman API Fundamentals - Test Failures

Hey can somebody help me with this

The test is telling you what is wrong!

query parameters for genre=fiction and checkedOut=false are both set

Your screenshot is clearly showing the query parameter for checkedout to be “true”.

Change it to false.

I changed it to false but it’s still showing the same error.

ok, the advice on these training courses, as they aren’t really designed to catch you out is to take it back a step, re-read the instructions and carefully review what you’ve done step by step.

I don’t have access to this course, so I can’t really tell you exactly what is wrong, but fixing errors like this is part of the training experience. Having someone else tell you the answers sort of defeats the purpose.

Thanks for the reply man i really appreciate it.

Your key is wrong, yours is “checkedout” , it should be “checkedOut”


Use “==” instead of “=”