Post Man Day 03 Challenge: Out of 5 only 3 test are passing below is the error observed

Hey @material-engineer-46 :wave: , Welcome to the commnity :partying_face:

Seems like there is an issue in your ‘Add request details’ folder.

  • Make sure you have created a request with the method POST
  • Make sure the name for that request is ‘raw JSON body’

Don’t forget to save after doing updates.

Hope it help,
Good luck!

Awesome. Thank you. It worked after changing the name of the request. Hope I get good debugging skills like you :grinning: once I complete this 30 day challenge.

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Great to know that you were able to make it work and pass all the tests! :ok_hand:

Here’s a small TIP for debugging: If something goes wrong, check the console tab for hints, usually the console will guide you to where the mistake exists and the 30-day challenge is a great example to get used to it.

Good luck in your next challenges! :slight_smile:

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Definitely will follow that :+1: