Post flow not updating environment variables

Hi There,

I have recently started using postman flow. I really like the feature.
However, came across an issue related to updating environment variables and couldn’t find solution.

Problem: Request in flows not updating environment variables

Problem Description: I have multiple requests which are using environment variables and few requests are updating these environment variables so that other requests use the updated value.

I am updating environment variables as part of tests in request.

When i submit the request manually environment values are getting updated. However, when i use the same request as part of Postman Flows environment variables are not getting updated and causing following requests depended on those variables fail.

Any suggestion how to update environment variables in flows will be great help.

Since Postman specifically doesn’t support environment updates view Flows, your best option is to establish such variables in the flow itself. If your requests use variables, then those can still be populated/manipulated within the flow.

I know this issue both for old versions as for the beta version of flows.
If the intention is to “remember” the value of a variable for laters requests, I suggest to make a sequence of: send request → Create Durables esto para la versión beta.

Yes, we can create local variables for subsequent requests. However, if we have test in the requests which are reading values from environment variables which should be updated via previous requests then those test will fail.